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Contributing to visual media


Advertising and media do not have the same agenda as the individual. Working in design, film and education, Parker decided to pursue her own PulpFiction. Film, concept art, painting and drawing are her skillset dedicated to a positive contribution to visual language.  Corporate Greed, Suburbia and
Canadian values show up as subjects in her poignant romantic way. 

Larger than life notable female heroes find their way politically and emotionally in works that give them space  -- when culture fails to.

Grand dramatic landscapes hold their own, as her series of bold and powerful Canadiana vignettes remind us what nurtures our spirit, and how Canadian politics are focused on fighting for the natural world.

Parker's new work will be featured at the Parker Art Salon this May 25-27. 

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Karen Lorena Parker
Artist, BremerPark Studio 215
Parker Street Vancouver Canada